The 10 Secret Laws of Visualization

How to Apply the Art of Mental Projection to Obtain Success

by 22 Lions Bookstore

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Would you like to get a profound explanation on the fundamental laws of life to obtain more wealth, love and abundance? Would you like to know which values differentiate people the most? Would you like to gain access to the full mindset that attracts more into your life and learn how to shape yours to get more results? Then this is the book that will give you the answers that many others out there simply can’t. And it is hoped that, by following the guidelines presented here, you will become able to achieve much more happiness in your life, not only related to what you wish to attract but in many more other areas as well. Hopefully, you will be much more successful and happy in following what you will learn here, as it is intended to transform you. This book includes some of the most ancient laws about prosperity, but also some of the most recent discoveries about society, humanity, psychology and the concept of visualization. Indeed, there are many studies showing us that there are characteristics common to people that make a lot of money in their life, attract the ideal relationships and succeeded in attracting their goals; and you will understand here that wealth and love are not only related to a certain lifestyle, not only related to possessions, appearance or material goods, or the manipulation of others or your environment, but much more than that, namely, a set of values, from which everything else is added. In the bible it is said: “Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all things will be added to you” (Mattew 6:33); and this quote resumes what this book intends to show you - the righteousness that will shape your mind, transform your soul, and help attract everything else into your life. In other words, wealth and love are mental projections related to how we face the world, how we interpret it and decode it within our mind, how we deal with our challenges, and so on. When you study the paradigms that shape humanity, you are studying it from a huge variety of perspectives, most of which we tend to call sciences, for lack of a better and more profound meaning, even thought the different religious perspectives we have today are sciences in themselves too. And so, the conquest of ourselves, made by getting to know all of these perspectives, one by one, allows to eventually comprehend that wealth, love and wisdom are part of a state of mind; and it's a state of mind that you cannot create but a state of mind that you must absorb in order to apply in your daily routines. In psychology it is known as cognition, from the latin cognoscere, to know; but the meaning of this process goes far beyond the mental capacity of your brain, and it is better described by Plato when he says, through a variety of publications, the following: “To learn is to turn your attention into that which is the most enlightening within you, that which we call good… it is an opportunity and a path for spiritual progress, which transcends humanity and reaches for the divine - the kingdom of the gods.” Such a process of alchemical transmutation requires then a precise attitude, from which we can truly visualize the bridges between the visible and the invisible. It is from that moment on that we can see things that the vast majority of society cannot even comprehend. For they, the majority, are the living dead, that so many scriptures allegorically talk about - def, blind and soulless in their ignorance. They are part of what we call the world of illusions, through which we must, with our inner light, be guided towards the opportunities that allow to transcend it, in order to release ourselves from such spiritual prison. This process requires a refinement of our values, through the self-analysis of their true worth, and such is the study that this book proposes you, if you dare to embrace such quest, if you truly desire salvation. This book will certainly change the way you perceive everything you ever learned during your entire existence.

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