Visionary Quests I (Visionary Quests #1)

by Traveling Nobody

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Follow an everyman explorer through a series of vision quests aimed at truth, meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. The human will to understand aided by the mushroom, ayahuasca, and cannabis unveil the episodic nature of life. The everyman lens of these narratives is merely one version of the infinite mythological character that we are. This journaled pursuit of continual understanding is heavily influenced by self-responsibility, truthful speech and action, direct experience, and Natural Law. You will relate. Truth is immutable but realized uniquely and unfolded in the progress of this everyman. The aim is to minimize unnecessary suffering and attain the highest possible good. Curiosity demands a committed strive for the transcendent ideal. What could be attained?

Knowledge Elements

Reading Intent

Purpose: Inspirational
Reader's Existing Knowledge: Intermediate
Target Audience Age/Stage of Life: Working Age Adults

Example Forms

Author's Personal Anecdotes: Frequent or continual
Citations: Mentioned, but not linked or footnoted
Examples and Case Studies: None
Exercises and Reader Questions: No questions or exercises

Writing Style

Humor: Lots of fun or laughs
Narrative: First person


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About the author

Traveling Nobody

Just an everyman explorer of the human condition, I rose through the ranks of materialism while gathering pilot certificates to reach the top pilot certificate, only to realize that it was an empty house/pursuit. I am just one angle of the cosmic perception trying to unveil some level of truth via direct experience. The hero's journey of this character is a representation of "the story." There only seems to be one story told in an infinite variety, and we all are the authors writing it. What led me to heartbreak and disaster are common symptoms of the cultural sickness plaguing many. I can almost guarantee that something in this story will pertain to you and your hero's journey. For again, there is only one story, and we are the cosmic actors playing our "roles"! I have spent the last seven years studying: shamanism and the planet's natural medicines/plant teachers/psychedelic organics, specifically psilocybin (the mushroom), and DMT (ayahuasca); Hindu and Buddhist philosophy; Taoism; Hermeticism and Natural Law; the hero's journey; and the esoteric origin of Christianity. Through this time, I have worked directly with the psychedelic organics through all stages of their life, including heroic integration. Through this process, I have conscientiously sought to understand what these organic intellects can offer the inquisitive human explorer, how they can help, how they can heal, and how they can illuminate understanding. These books are my sole part as a mere cell in the Infinite Universal Organism. Hopefully, they unite us "others" toward the common good.