Dating, Courtship and Marriage without tears (Marriages, Homes and families #1)

All the things you need to know before you say 'i do'.

by James Okon

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ABOUT THE BOOK Dating, Courtship and Marriage without tears is a non-fiction presentation of principles designed to address the issues of the battlefield of love and to prepare people’s minds on how to go into and come out of relationships without damaging scars and regrets. The concise version is straight to the point with no verbosities and designed to educate face hand on what to look for and how to interpret the signs in your relationships and what to do at the right time so you do not become another victim of a damaging relationship. The books is specifically written for teens, young adults, single men and single ladies as well as the married who are struggling with issues in certain areas of their relationship. You will find the points raised in this book invaluable to a blissful life of peace and happiness in your present and future relationships. Content

  1. Understanding friendship - - - - 3

  2. Rules of dating part1, understanding your date - - - - - 12

  3. Dating without tears - - - – - - - 21

  4. Marriage checklist part 1, What to know about a woman before you commit yourself - - - - 37

  5. Marriage checklist part 2, What to know about a man before you say ‘I do’ – - - - - - - 52

  6. Marriage checklist part 3, How to run a proper family background check - – - —- 67

  7. The bride and her groom - - - - - 76

  8. Understanding love - – – - - 82

  9. Poverty, riches and wealth - – - 94

Knowledge Elements

Reading Intent

Purpose: Self-help
Reader's Existing Knowledge: Beginner (introduction)
Target Audience Age/Stage of Life: Everyone (no target age)

Example Forms

Author's Personal Anecdotes: Some
Citations: Mentioned, but not linked or footnoted
Examples and Case Studies: Occasional examples or case studies
Exercises and Reader Questions: No questions or exercises

Writing Style

Humor: Just a bit of fun or humor
Narrative: Third person


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About the author

James Okon

About the Author James Okon is a spiritual leader/marriage counselor for more than a decade and a sporadic writer on various themes that centre around human existence and wisdom. With years of studies in medicine and engineering and practice thereof, a preacher, mentor and motivational speaker. A business manager and entrepreneur, Chairman of the international society for wisdom development and Wisdom school of leadership development. Further studies in theology and religions, cultures and traditions have made his understanding of life and people a well of wisdom to draw from. A husband of one wife and blessed with beautiful children to the union and dedicated to the service of God and Humanity.