CrowdPricing uses powerful new algorithms and software to determine reader preferences and set the fairest possible price for every ebook and audiobook. The most popular books among readers cost about as much as you would pay for a typical popular ebook at your favorite online bookstore. Books that have not yet sold as well cost less. When books are first posted, they're free for a brief promotional period, so readers should keep checking in to see what's new.

How CrowdPricing Works

Our internationally patented CrowdPricing system automatically sets book prices based on each title's download popularity within its genre. That way the less trendy categories don't have to compete with, say, vampire romance novels.

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What CrowdPricing Does For Readers

Take a chance on a new undiscovered title, and you get your book for free or almost-free. Books that have proven popular cost more. Then, if a book gets lower ratings at the higher prices and fewer people download it, the price comes back down. The math in the background may be complex, but the resulting pricing fairness is elegant in its simplicity.

Use the Price-Based Ratings graph to see what others think of each book's value.

What CrowdPricing Does For Authors

You know how hard it is these days for a new book to get discovered. Readers aren't willing to pay for books-even those that interest them-if they haven't heard of the title or author. CrowdPricing solves this publishing chicken-and-egg problem by automatically setting prices based on popularity. Your book starts out free, available briefly for download at no charge, and the price remains low until it garners interest. As the rate of downloads increase, the price goes up. Pricing is automatically perfectly balanced to achieve the broadest distribution at the best possible price.

Because readers set the price based on their purchase preferences, even a higher priced title can sustain formidable download volume in a way that is impossible with author-set prices. Readers trust prices set by fellow readers and spend more on CrowdPriced books. Further, 75%-85% of the price for all purchases on becomes available to you within 2 business days of each purchase. With Scribl's CrowdPricing Everywhere, you also always make as much or more per sale on third-party sites (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, iTunes, Kobo, etc.) as you would if you posted to any of them directly. No tricks, no oh-by-the-way charges. You will simply reach the most readers and make the most money by self-publishing through Scribl.

Earn more with CrowdPricing. Or, reach more readers, earn more, and do less work with the full CrowdPricing Everywhere.