The Old Ones

by S. Lawrence Parrish

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The Sunset Remira seniors' home has been atomized. So, too, the Edgehill Remira seniors' home. The Grist: Podcast is hosting Dr. Richard Stoneheart's analysis of the tragedy at the Sunset Remira. The government and the mainstream media blame terrorism. Dr. Stoneheart disputes this. Forces much darker than terrorism are at work, he says. Forces that transcend time and space. Forces described by pulp fiction writer H.P. Lovecraft almost one hundred years ago when he was inspired to create the Cthulhu Mythos. "The disaster at the Sunset Remira is only the first of many to come," says Stoneheart, "and there's nothing we can do to stop it."

About the author

S. Lawrence Parrish

S. Lawrence Parrish has been writing weird and twisted tales for many years. He's had many short stories published in small press 'zines (Dread--Tales of the Grotesque and Uncanny, Carpe Noctem, Not One of Us, Sepulchre, Mindmares, Agony in Black, Stigmata, Night Terrors, etc.). For the last several years, he has been busily turning into podcasts many of his novels and stories. To date, they include SHAT (a post-apocalypse tale with a feline twist), Shape Shifters (a werewolf tale with NO vampires), Where Evil Grows (a coming of age tale. . . from hell), Yog-Sothoth's Box (a tale of Lovecraftian terror), At the Mountains of Madness: Requiem (another tale of Lovecraftian Terror), The Old Ones (a faux podcast that is another tale of Lovecraftian terror) Educide (a mainstream school-shooting story), and also Chicken Pi (a collection of weird and twisted short stories). Mr. Parrish lives in the foothills of Alberta, Canada with an amazing wife, a Jack Russell terrier, and a schnoodle.

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