You’ll reach more readers and convert more views into sales–even on other sites—if you let us put your book on those sites for you.

When you publish through Scribl, we will make your title available through an ever increasing array of partner ebook and tablet stores, including ones who don’t take submissions directly from individual authors. Because the titles bear the $CP mark and are priced fairly by consumers, your title will see increased sales even on the web stores you could reach yourself. Customers trust and seek out the $CP (Scribl CrowdPriced) books.

Prices on new titles start out as free, attracting readers and generating buzz. CrowdPricing then automatically ratchets up the price for every title based on its popularity within its highly specific genre. Prices move between a set of predefined price tiers that consumers recognize and trust.

Sure, you’ll still want to promote your book. But the most effective way to reach your audience is to start your book as free so potential fans can find it. Unlike traditional giveaways, though, with Scribl, this leads directly to income. As soon as enough people learn about you by downloading your book, the price starts going up. You pay nothing for the introductions; and you get paid sooner.

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